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About Our Church


From 2003 through 2008 God used this time to develop Apostle Jesse’s servant heart and a thirst for persons who were lost in the deluge of addictions, rejection, dejection, and the religiosity of “church”.


Fueling the Apostle’s heart to demonstrate God’s love of his creation in a more personal and intimate way of worshipping and communing with God.


Apostle was given a different blueprint for church planting and kingdom building. This blueprint involved discipling persons in building an intimate love relationship with the Father first and foremost, moving outside the traditional protocol of worship and communion into the environment of expectation of a visitation of the Lord’s presence in the gatherings and allowing Holy Spirit to have his way.


Restoration Christian Church was birthed as a body of believers (called out ones), taught the truth of God’s Word and application of these truths which transformed lives and actualized the redemptive and atoning work of Jesus Christ.


Stepping out on faith and trusting in God to provide every resource needed to plant Restoration Christian Church.


Instead of launching into the traditional Sunday morning gatherings, he began weekly Bible Study at the Garner YMCA for a period of three months. On January 5, 2008, Restoration Christian Church held the inaugural church services.


Restoring Life International Worship Center is the birthing of spiritual warfare, maturity, and responding to the call of Restorer of Broken Walls forged through Restoration Christian Church.


About Us

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